Adelora Prices:

3 nights (minimum)

4 nights

5 nights

6 nights

7 nights

Extra nights

Easter (Thurs-Mon)

10 nights

18 Dec. to 30 Apr.









01 May. to 17 Dec.







Terms & Conditions:

Payments and Other Costs 

1. A deposit of $400.00 is required to confirm your reservation within 14 days of making a booking. 
2. The remaining balance is due 8 weeks (2 months) prior to the commencement of hire.

3. Additional Costs

a) No bond is required, but the hirer and/or the person assuming responsibility agrees to pay at cost, all loss and damages, 
    however caused, while the boat is under their care and control.

b) Additional operating costs will be charged to the hirer, payable in full by either credit card (Visa, Mastercard), or cash on 
   completion of the hire.

   i) Operational costs include a charge for the actual hourly usage by the hirer, of the boat engine and where used, the 

   ii) They also include charges for groceries, drinks and other supplies, which can be pre-ordered and placed on board awaiting 
       your arrival, or delivered to the boat during the hire period.

  iii) Daily hire charge of dinghy outboard.

  iv) Additional fees will be charged for late returns and / or extra cleaning if required.  

4. Cancellations

a) Cancellations must be made at least two (2) months prior to commencement of hire date, for a refund to be payable.

b) Refunds of the deposit / hire fee for cancellations made less than two (2) months prior to the commencement of hire date, 
    will only be made if we are able to again re-hire the boat for that same period.

c) In all cases, a cancellation fee of $110.00 will apply.

General Conditions

1. The letting is made on the understanding that the boat is placed at the disposal of the hirer on the date desired unless the 
    proprietors are prevented from doing so by mechanical breakdown, river conditions, or any other unforseen circumstances. 
    In this case all monies paid will be refunded in full.

2. The person assuming resposibility must be over the age of 21 years, must hold and present on arrival a current car drivers
    licence or boat operators licence,

3. Hire commences 3.00pm on the first day and the boat must be at our nominated moorings by 9.00am, and vacated by 
   10.00am on the last day.

4. Arrivals after 5pm may be required to remain at the mooring until the following morning.

5. The boat must be returned on time and in a clean and tidy condition. Additional fees will be charged for late returns, 
    and / or extra cleaning if required.

6. By NSW Maritime Services Board regulations, the number of persons on board must not exceed 12, and the boat must only 
    be driven during daylight hours. No driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol is permitted at any time.

7. No all male or all female crews except with prior consent of the proprietors.

8. Health regulations do not allow pets on board. No firearms or motor bikes please.

9. The owners are under no obligation to compensate the hirer for loss of time due to mechanical or other problems
    encountered during the hire period.

10. The proprietors reserve the right to 
       a) Cancel any booking without notice and.
       b) To refuse or terminate any hire at any time without stating the grounds for refusal or termination.

11. Private car parking is available on site. No responsibility is accepted for parked vehicles.